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Tyree Byndom

Tyree Byndom

A Pattern for Global Urban Leadership

Master Earth: A PhD in Me

Life is a training ground.  And Earth is our battlefield.  I was born in the belly of the beast, and yet here I stand.


Resilient.  Brilliant.  

Radiant.  Subservient. 

Warrior Spirit. Servant.  

Royal.  Loyal.

Rebellious.  Zealous.  

Lover.  Conqueror.

"I’m truly too blessed, to be stressed,

without tests, there is no progress,

and God is made manifest in the process."

-Tyree Paladon Byndom

"Holiness is a process."

-Nik Bell-Byndom


This journey is very simple but also extremely complex.  Guides are required.

With my spirit, mind, soul, and Lord's aid, assessed only by the strength of my bonds and connections, the purity of my legacy birthed, the health of my movements reach, and the sacrifice of my life energy, that has allowed me to possess the gifts of the intellect, generational wisdom, prophetic lore, philosophical clarity, consistent diplomacy, that serves Justice, in whatever form it manifests, focused on uniting the community, and the globe.   

Let's share solutions, build upon dialogue, and refine the tools at our disposal for the advancement of society.

Together.  With our collective destiny. 

United in our diversity.


All Soul, Unity and Solidarity, 


Tyree Byndom

_Tear asunder the veils, remove the obstacles, proffer the life-giving waters, and point out the pat

Tyree Byndom

A Paladon is a Holy Warrior.

I was once in a room full of city leaders and I asked the City Manager "Who's duty is it to help our community to unite?"  He said that he wasn't aware of anyone doing that position. Then I said "Well, I have been serving in this capacity since I was a young man.  For free.  For the community." You see the elders bestowed their lore, skills, abilities, unfulfilled tasks, and dreams of economic equity and parity, into my hands. Between providing for my wife and my family (10 daughters and 1 son) and serving my community, my life was not my own, until all of these tasks were completed 30 years later.  Then I had earned the luxury to attend college and craft my own path and step into the national stage.  I was born for this purpose.

Video Game Developers

Professional Narrative

Staff-Smart Staffing, LLC
Commercial Division

July 2019 - Present

As the Regional Sales Manager, my duty is to create value for our brand, make connections and create projects and campaigns that help move the region forward.  I will be working with HR Guru and advocate Melinda Finnegan, to grow her brand to a national name and movement.

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Urban UniverCity, LLC aka UrbanU

Chief Evolutionary Officer and Founder

Columbia, Missouri aka CoMo #ShardEnd #TheDouglassArea

March 2012 - March 2016 

March 2016 - March 2020

April 2020 - Present

(Acquired by Urban Univercity, LLC)

From 2013 to 2015, BSA was commissioned to create the long-term strategic urban planning for the City, REDI, Boone County, Police, Columbia Public School, Chamber of Commerce, and the University of Missouri. Created collaboration between all entities and advanced relations with B2B, B2G, and B2C to establish greater trust between all parties. Once completed in CoMo, moved to DFW to take the movement nationally.  We rebranded to CEC in 2016 to continue the mission of assisting other individuals in their cities to create better conditions in their communities.  We coached over 300 Guilds in urban centers all over the world to develop their cities and communities and create a more vibrant social situation for all citizens.  In April of 2020, we transformed into our final manifestation.

Express Employment Professionals

Regional Operations Manager

March 1992 - March 2012

Managed staff of 6, and average of 200+ employees. Implemented weekly payroll, accounting, collections, coached sales staff, provided customers service to 100+ clients. Was the highest grossing professional recruiter in the region.  Hired, fired, maintained calendar and schedules, conducted marketing campaigns and attended all job fairs. Grew revenue by 200% after the 2009 depression. Recruited new owner when long term owner retired.

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Koppa 2 Gold Entertainment, LLC

Founder and Philanthropist

October 2000 - Present

Created a multi-media network that coordinated the governmental, faith-based, servant leaders, and social influencers into one coordinated group to guide us to a united regional powerhouse. Added a total of $2 billion to the GDP during that time. Founded and produced 3 weekly talk shows.  Lokal Vokalz was music-based and aimed at uniting local artists with national icons. Straight Talk is one of the longest-running African-American talk shows in the US, going on 45 years.  Kore Issues was a Baha'i-inspired weekly talk show, that covered over 750 topics over the course of 17 years. Created over 200 local events during my tenure there. Recruited all new hosts when I moved to Dallas in July of 2016.

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I've had people tell me that when you create a vision for your company, that you never achieve it but only strive for it and that no one can be perfect. I think those things are exactly opposite. It is not something that you contain forever but experiences that you capture in moments. As an eternal optimist, I visualize the steps to any goals and have the endurance and drive to pursue it relentlessly, while making it enjoyable at the same time.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 1.47.53 AM.png

Global Human Resource Management Methodology

On Earth, success in most things begins and ends in ones ability to create a movement that empowers and invests in people, and gives them the tools to create lasting change, walk in their purpose and calling, and have clarity about the most effective way to contribute to the whole, no matter how big or small. I thrive in aiding people to stay interconnected. I recruit every single person that I talk to, on or off, the clock.  I can't help it.

I am honored to be connected to a Guild of incredible souls.

Image by NASA
Group Meeting

Selfless Leadership

The most effective connectors are selfless, curious, patient, charismatic, open, witty, grounded, and neutral. The wisest mentors don't give the best answers but ask priceless questions.  I have been blessed with the ability to communicate in an exemplary manner, with statesmen or commoners, whether young or in their golden years, about topics of spiritual importance. During all of my time discussing controversial and challenging topics, one of my gifts was not just to take people into the discourse but also to bring them back out safely and tie the pieces together, so there are no traumatic residual effects. As a member of the only Black-Owned Data Agencies in the US, it gives me a duty and perspective of one that writes the future.

Educational Experience

BA, Columbia College of Missouri

2014 - 2020

Majors: Global Human Resource Management, Business Management and Entrepreneurship (Soulprenuer) 

Minor: Global Species-Oriented Soulful Communication

AA, Columbia College of Missouri

2014 - 2017

Major: Business

Griot & Plenipotentiary for the Diaspora

1980 to Present 

I spent an average of 30 hours a week researching topics (consulting with community members and elders before my show to grasp the theme) for 3 weekly talk shows, that had to be shared that same week.  A good friend of mine, Dr. Stephanie Shonekan at the MU Black Studies Department, once said to me that "Doctors go to school for an additional 4-5 years and sometimes never share their research with the world for critical examination, but you do graduate level research, every week, and share it for the world to analyze, and your presentation is normally flawless.  To me, you have the equivalent of a PhD."  I simply could not disagree with her finding, so therefore I add it because based on our writings we seek "true education" not just collegiate.  

The Great Being saith: Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit therefrom. If any man were to meditate on that which the Scriptures, sent down from the heaven of God’s holy Will, have revealed, he would readily recognize that their purpose is that all men shall be regarded as one soul, so that the seal bearing the words “The Kingdom shall be God’s” may be stamped on every heart, and the light of Divine bounty, of grace, and mercy may envelop all mankind.


“It is very strange to see how ‘illusion’ has taken possession of the hearts of men while ‘Reality’ has no sway whatsoever. For example – racial difference is an optical illusion! It is a figment of imagination, yet how deep-seated and powerful its influence! No one can deny the fact that mankind in total are the progeny of Adam; that they are offshoots of one primal stock, yet the optical illusion has so radically misrepresented this plain truth that they have divided and subdivided themselves into so many tribes and nations… Although many intelligent men amongst them know that this racial difference is an optical illusion, yet they all confess their inability to stand firm before its uncanny, invisible power.

The Ark of the Covenant located on Mount Carmel.  The 8th wonder of the world.  Haifa, Isr

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CoMo Regional Metroplex, BoCoMo, Little Dixie, Boone's Lick, The Douglass Area, Sharp End, Cemetary Hill, Railroad Row


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Volunteer Work

Continuous Investment Into The Community In Which I Live

KOPN, On-Air Radio Personality

January 2001 - July 2016

Produced 3 weekly live call-in radio talk shows. Kore Issues, Lokal Vokals and Straight Talk. Choose topics, conducted research, recruited guests, facilitated the consultation, and trained thousands of volunteers.  We did a total of 3,000 shows during this time on all topics.  All content is saved for future generations.  We led the world with podcasting.

Let's Talk Columbia Senior Facilitator

January 2000 - January 2010

This was a community-based program that was inspired by the Race Unity Study Circles, but which focused on a study guide that allowed people to consult on what it means to build community.  Over 10,000 people participated and the impact of this program greatly advanced the trust of many participants in the city.  We reactivated this method during the Mayor's Task Force against Community Violence Project.

Diversity Celebration Committee Member

January 2000 - January 2011

Every year the city gives the Columbia Values Diversity Award to one individual who exemplifies the teaching of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  It is a sold out event every year, with a national keynote speaker and breakfast that is served.

My List of Awards

Professional Achievements

I am humbled by the recognition I have received in my field, and know that any awards I have received can be credited to a whole cast of people who helped me grow and learn. Take a look at my list of professional achievements below to get a better idea of the recognition my hard work has earned.

Columbia Values Diversity Award


Peace Works Award


Columbia Missourian Progress Award

2021 - Social Justice Nomination

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