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Lover of all Cultures, great and small

Our cultures are the way that we think, learn, act and feel. It forms our personal reality and in turns, defines our experience on Earth, the ways that we will connect with others, process the many rich experiences, and as we leave this stage of existence, how we will be assessed and judged, to value our worth.

Our main culture is predetermined, and we have no control over this culture at first, but as we grow and develop, we can replace this main culture, internally, but seldom can we do so externally, but many try.

Something that we can guide, are the sub-cultures that we adopt and discover.

The amount of subcultures that we have don't necessarily have a limit, but each one, adds a certain level of responsibility, duties and consciousness, so it's best to limit them to about 10-12 in your lifetime.

Main culture:

Birth: African-American Male

(Mid-West (STL/Horseshoe) African-American Experience)

Current: The Bahai Faith (Building the Kingdom of God on Earth - Reformer - Champion of Justice)


African-American Male (Single Mother Household)

Native-American heritage (Chickasaw-Freedman and Hopi)

Hip Hop Emcee and Spoken Word Poet

Fatherhood (Father passed on my due date and now active

Father of 9 daughters)

Military (USMC - Semper Fi)

Scholarship (Researcher and Griot)

Leadership (Urban, Local and Global Diaspora)

Urban Journalist & Social Justice Advocate

Soulprenuer (Serial Social Entrepreneur focused on Social Good - L3C Advocacy)

Please feel free to share some of your cultures, main and sub.

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