Professional Social Media Presence

The main reason that I started using social media in the beginning was for work, because I was a Recruiter and Operations Manager in the staffing industry, so it was a tool to help me attract people and connect to clients. So I have been on LinkedIn, Facebook, and all of the many social media sites that are out there. I test them and try to stay aware of the evolution of the platforms and the best ways to use them for my end goal: to make lasting real connections.

One of the first things that I tried to do was to provide relevant content on each social media channel so that I was interacting with people in the appropriate way. On LinkedIn I kept it business related, but also tried to make it engaging and important, while as facebook and IG, I kept it focused on my brand and special moments to share with my followers and connections. People want to know that you are human and that you have many different sides. The most that you can hope for is to be satisfied with yourself and don't try to become or portray something that you are not, because it can and often will backfire.

I am connected to over 50 groups but the ones that I use the most are professional ones. is a great one.

Bahai Professionals group -

CoMo Entreprenuer Network -

I also love to post daily history and link to articles that I want to keep track of and share with you followers. I have about 20,000 followers and connections, and growing, but now I plan to get to know them more personally.