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The Quest For Immortality while Seeking Eternity

We are immortal beings living a temporary existence on Earth. As humans many of us have heard stories and maybe even reflected on and attempted ourselves to seek the fountain of youth, the ability to live forever and the potential promises of long health, wealth and well-being, and if we are honest, these are ancient questions that many people have pondered and sought answers for, for millions, possibly billions of years, as a species.

Earth's Age Scale

I think it is just the way that we are created, wired and programmed, is to inspire the masses and others in our lives, either through being an example of excellence or a statistic of what the hell not to ever attempt or try. I have found that the commonality that we have with those who have ascended this earthly realm and existence, is also this ability and drive to inspire. This is my humble belief but there are many walks that belief in some form of connections to the ancestors, the angels/demons, divinity from the Godhead, and the Holy Spirit.

The reason that I share this info, is because if we have masses, potentially billions of individuals, who are unaware, don't care or merely struggling to survive, in our system and we are clueless as to the cure, the solution, the vaccine, the source of enlightenment and the promises of peace, security and stability on a national and global scale.

As I craft my movement to discover solutions and to create content that not only do we lack, but most of the people are unaware that they lack it to begin with. I have over 160 blogs and content creators that I am currently subscribed to for one reason or another, but few of them assist me or inspire me with this particular mission, so I will focus on the ones that assist me in the mission to create my practical business endeavors and not dwelve in the metaphysical aspects of our society and world.

I love to stay woke and aware of the history of those that have come before us. I use the African American Registry blog to stay aware of the day to day.

Since I am creating an innovative high tech staffing firm currently, I love to read up on all of the blogs in our industry and check out the competition to make sure that I stay in my lane, differentiate my offerings and stay focused on the goals.

When it comes to monetizing your blog and making money with it, it is always good to find people that are successful and even better when they are transparent. I think that is the expectation of how to craft and grow a large movement in this era. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner does a masterful job of sharing all of her details and pockets her sponsorships in the process. Pinterest is her best resource. - this guy is a "unicorn in a field of donkeys" and shares the top info-graphics and news about entrepreneurs each day. He also gives tips that keep you on your A game. - We discovered a way to get access to data since our firm will be a data-backed and solutions focused organization, having access to up to date data and recommendations is key, in urban planning and creating betterment in the community that you are in and society as a whole. Great site. I happen to own it with a partner of mine that is a data wizard.

Thanks for reading my blog post. I hope that it helps to inspire you and assist you on your journey.

All love,


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