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There Is No Cavalry Coming To Save Us

My name is Tyree "Paladon" Byndom. Paladon means "Holy Warrior". It is a title that I was given 15 years of faithful service to my Lord, my Faith, my community and my own evolution. I grew up in St. Louis, MO to a teenage mom, who was incredible and awesome, but who could not protect me from trauma, painful environments and death and violence in our community. I remember many of my family members, mother, siblings and community, always waiting for someone to come and rescue us from our plight and situation. I didn't know it at the time, but being born shortly after the world lost MLK, JFK, and Malcolm X, it's like the whole wide world was depressed and the world was praying and wishing for someone to change their fortunes and bring society forward into peace, happiness and collective security.

I refused to wait, and choose instead to be the answer, to become a solution, and to walk in a state of prayer, deciphering the ancient questions that baffle us prophetically and economically, so that we can stop waiting, wishing and praying, and act, with clarity, consciousness and certitude.

I spent 16 years as a weekly talk show host, who produced soulful content for the masses, and produced 3 weekly shows:

  • Straight Talk: that focused on Black issues and news,

  • Kore Issues: spiritual conversations and

  • Lokal Vokalz: sharing the greatest and latest hip hop and R&B music with an audience in Columbia, MO, on KOPN.

I covered over 2,000 topics and shows during that time but due to technological restraints and upgrades to websites and such, I wasn't able to retain much of the content online so that people could still have access to it.

The groundswell informs us that it is about the connections and the relationships, and not just the technology, so I am going to start fresh, embrace all of that preparation as learning and training, and renew my efforts to help people to become free from all forms of oppression. To be the cavalry and show the way, as people attempted to do for me, in their own age and times that they lived in. It is a continuous process and not a single event.

I plan to return to my radio show in Columbia, MO and resume my talk show Kore Issues. This time I will create live video footage, create my own podcast channel, and run all of the social media channels to spread the message to the masses. On top of this, I have discovered 10-20 other content creators, who also create soulful content, and build the movement into an actual network for a specific type of content that is missing across all channels and mediums at this time in society. I have found some incredible ways to monetize these channels and content now that wasn't available in the past, such as Spreaker, Patreon, FB Watch, Youtube and my own website, that will allow me to own the relationship with my audience and groom the connection in a way that it deserves.

I plan to read these blogs from my peers in my class to learn about what they are doing as well.

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